Fold - Manual

Advanced fold effect.


Fold is an plug-in for After Effects. You can use it to create a 2D “folded paper” effect by moving the provided "handles". As addition you can control the type of the shadow, its color, the direction of the folds and the number of segments.


To install Fold you simply need to follow these 2 steps:

  1. After unpacking the archive of the plug-in, copy and paste the files contained in it, based on your operating system, to this specific folder of After Effects:
    • On Windows this folder is located in:
      "(after_effects_install_path)/Support Files/Plug-ins"
    • On Macintosh this folder is located in:
  2. Make sure the user that runs AE has permissions to read from and write to the Plug-ins folder. If you have issues with your license file you can try to:
    • On Windows:
      run After Effects as administrator or change the permissions of that folder from Properties > Security > Edit..
    • On Macintosh:
      change the permissions of that folder from Get Info > Sharing & Permissions

User Interface

Fold User Interface elements

1) Number of segments

The number of folded segments.

2) Segment Width Random Seed

Randomize the size of the segments (choose 0 for equally sized segments).

3) Control Mode

  • Double Handles - use 2 handles (or percent sliders) to control the starting position and the ending position of the folded image.
  • Symmetric - use a single handle (or percent slider). The fold is symmetric, relative to the center of the layer.

4) First Handle Offset

The offset of the first handle along the transverse fold direction in Control Mode Double Handles.

5) Second Handle Offset

The offset of the second handle along the transverse fold direction in Control Mode Double Handles.

6) Fold Direction

The direction of the fold lines.

7) Shadow Color Factor

The percentage of shadowing when fully folded.

8) Flip Shadow

Switch between even/odd shadowed segments.

9) Max Depth

A fold depth multiplier, which allows the increase or decrease of the perspective distortion.

10) Smooth

Enable/disable linear sampling. Default is enabled. (since v. 1.0.3)

License information and Activation

After acquiring an Activation key for Fold from you simply need to press the Register… button next to the effect name in the Effect Controls panel in After Effects, enter your purchase e-mail and the received Activation key in the Activation popup and then press the Activate button

Activation window

1) Email

Lets you enter your activation e-mail (or view the one in use if the product is already activated).

2) Key

Lets you enter your activation key (or view the one in use if the product is already activated).

3) Activate / Uninstall

Activate the product with the entered activation email and key (or uninstall if the product i already activated).

4) Cancel

Close the activation window.

5) Get activation key

Go to Fold page at with option to purchase new activation key.

NOTE / Activation: Make sure your After Effects and your machine can access for the activation process to take place. If you have firewall or proxy add the needed exceptions or disable them before the activation. You can turn back on your firewall and proxy server after the process.
NOTE / Uninstall: If you're planning to transfer to another machine you must first remove all license data from your current computer - each license serves only one machine. After uninstalling your copy of Halftone contact our support for further instructions.

How to use Fold

You can check our video guides on how to use Fold at

Applying the effect

1) Select Layer to apply the effect.

2) Find the Fold effect, located in the AESweets subgroup in the Effects and Presets panel of After Effects or simply use the search bar at the top of the panel to type in 'Fold'. With your layer selected double click on the effect or drag and drop it onto the layer.

3) To change the parameters of the effect use the Effect Controls panel or expand the Effects Subgroup of your layer in the Composition Timeline Panel.

4) For information on each parameter refer to the User Interface section of this manual.

5) Create cool stuff.


2023-01-16 - v1.1.2 - Stability improvements.
2022-03-16 - v1.1.1 - Updated Activation Key url.
2021-11-19 - v1.1.0 - Added support for multi frame rendering and Apple Silicon.
2020-12-10 - v1.0.3 - Added smooth parameter.
2020-02-13 - v1.0.2c - Mac OS Catalina ready.
2019-11-01 - v1.0.2 - Fixed older AE version crash.
2019-10-07 - v1.0.1 - Minor bug fixes.
2019-09-12 - v1.0.0 - Fold v1.0.0 release date.