Lines Creator 2 available next week!
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connect objects with lines in just one click

supports CS5 to CC 2017+

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How it works

Number One

Select Layers

Select the layers you want lines between. Selection order matters!

Number two


Select the desired line style from the UI. You can change the style later on.

Number three


Choose the desired creation order and all lines will appear on your screen.

Free Bonus Tools


Anchor point tool

Align the anchor point of the layers with single click!


Line Caps/Joins

Change the caps or joins style of any selected layer effortlessly.


Copy/Paste tool

Copy line style from first selected line and paste it to all others in the selection.

New Line Styles


Straight Line

Straight line between two layers. Expand it's height for rectangular look and get fancy.


Square Line

Cool new look with easy to edit corner proportions and roundness.


Arc Line

Inner or outer arcs are now possible with few tweaks in the line effects panel.

Supports 3D!

3D Lines

How to create 3D Lines

3D lines are automatically created between 3D layers but you can change line style from 2D to 3D
or the other way around at any time. All line style work in 3D mode.

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