Lines Creator script for After Effects

connect objects with lines in just a few clicks

available for CS5 to CC 2017+
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Lines Creator for After Effects is a script that connects all kinds of objects with lines.

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Lines Creator has a 7 day trial that starts to expire when you start the script for the first time

How it works

Number One

Start Objects

Select the layers you want lines to start at. Note that LC uses layer's anchor point!

Number two

End Objects

Select layers that will be connected with lines. Note that LC uses layer's anchor point again!

Number three


Press one more button and voilĂ ! Lines will be create from all starting layers to all ending layers.

And again - Free Bonus Tool

Anchor Point Alignment

Anchor point alignment

Precisely align layer's anchor point based on it's size and then start to animate. Just select the layer which anchor point you want to align and press the desired location - center, corners or left, right, top and bottom.

3D Space? Checked!

3D Lines

Create 3D Lines

You can check that you want to create 3D lines with just one more click from the UI. Just make sure you connect
3D Layers with 3D Lines and you should be good to go!


Lines Creator was used in all of the following examples.

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