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License - more than one machine - What choices do I have?

Easy license is per machine. If you want to have it on two or more machines you'll need the appropriate number of licenses.

I want to use Easy on a different machine?

We have license transfer cycle in that case. First you need to uninstall Easy. Then send us message at our support and we'll pick it from there.

Message - "Provided information is invalid.." - new/pre-installed machine

You will see this message if you activated Easy on a new/pre-installed machine and your key was not released (you didn't uninstall and contact our support to free your key). Please write back to us with your purchase information.

Message - "Provided information is invalid.." - firewall

If you have firewall or proxy server and you try to activate Easy then your activation requests will fail. Try to deactivate your firewall for the activation process and then turn it back on.

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